Tuesday 22 January 2008

Newtyle Beat Rock Pool to The Boil

Here's a panoramic video taken earlier today of the 'Rock Pool' right round to 'The Boil' from our right hand bank. In low water this bank can be fly fished & both these pools hold salmon. 'The Boil' is normally only fished off the opposite bank however there's a great low water holding area just above 'The Boil' stone at the tail of the 'Rock Pool' (if you look closely you can just see the wake from this stone in the middle of the river). The fly can be presented much more effectively over this lie from this bank. It is also easier to reach this particular lie from this side and control your fly through the first 1/3rd of it's swim which is the part that counts here. For more information on the Newtyle Beat Click here.

Jock Monteith

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