Sunday 28 February 2010

Pheasants In The Snow

Here's a few of my feathered friends enjoying their breakfast courtesy of the ghillie.

Saturday 27 February 2010

Red Squirrel River Spey

Here's my wee red friend getting his breakfast this morning.

Friday 26 February 2010

The Kirks Pool Park Beat River Dee

Here's the neck of the 'Kirks pool' on the Park beat of the River Dee being covered well with the fly.

Thursday 25 February 2010

The River Dee

Here's an upstream shot of the River Dee at Banchory. This Dee is a major league success story with regards to salmon numbers thanks to the effective yet tough decisions that were made 15 years ago by its management.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Dunkeld On The River Tay

Here's a lovely wee video of the Tay in May !!! May on the River Tay has always been the best month for Spring salmon on the fly and once all this snow and ice clears away and the milder weather commences beautiful conditions like this can be expected once again.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Speycasting Tuition Dunkeld

Here's Ritchie Bruce zeroing in on his Spey casting technique this morning at Dunkeld. For more information on my Spey casting tuition Click here.

Sunday 21 February 2010

The Monteith Speycaster Sunk Line Multi Tip

This is the only true sunk line multi tip solution on the market if your looking for the perfect cold water salmon line. For more information Click here. Limited stock still available.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Scale Samples From Spring Salmon

Here's a fine River Dee springer having a scale removed for analysis for information which can hopefully educate us further on these mysterious and highly precious creatures.

Friday 19 February 2010

Otter Tracks In The Snow

Here's the dog otter tracks on the banks of the River Dee today.

Thursday 18 February 2010

River Dee Banchory Beat

Here's a video showing the River Feugh where it meets the River Dee on the Dee's famous Banchory beat.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

River Dee In The Snow

Here's a kelt being played in the 'Kirks' pool of the famous Park beat of the River Dee. At this time of year more Spring salmon move into the Dee and often lie tight in with the kelts. I guess that one of the beauties of salmon fishing is not knowing what the next take on the fly may yield. Good to see a lady fisher in about the action !!!!

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Park Beat River Dee

Here's Russell Kay this morning on Park with a fabulous Springer of 12 lbs seconds prior to it's safe release. This was one of 4 springers landed today on the Park beat which is officially the world's premier Spring salmon fishery.

Monday 15 February 2010

The Ecology Of The Highlands

Here's a great example of how mother nature can turn around a disaster scenario. Look at the sphagnum moss that is thriving in between these non native coniferous trees. Our ecosystems are so important to our wildlife and tinkering with things that have permitted wildlife to thrive since the last ice age is never a good idea, Sadly commercial forestation in Scotland has ruined the ecology of many Scottish glens with the unavoidable negative impact on all types of wildlife including migratory fish. Some forestry practices implemented 60 years ago simply would be deemed bad practice today. Our Tay Western Catchment Project which a few of us somehow managed to get off the ground 2 years ago is now ready to be officially unveiled. This project (Europe's largest ever riparian survey) has surveyed 1000 miles of River Tay headwater habitat in order to properly appraise and rectify any ecological issues that negatively impact the rivers Lyon, Lochy & Dochart. For more information on this ground breaking initiative Click here.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Craigellachie Bridge River Spey

Here's another masterpiece built by civil engineer Thomas Teford in 1814 and no doubt it has seen millions of Spey salmon pass under it. The Craigellachie beat of the Spey is a lovely salmon beat and it is looked after by ghillie Dougie Ross who is top man.

Saturday 13 February 2010

The Turn Pool Brae Water River Spey

Here's a look at the perfect and highly productive Turn Pool on Brae Water's beat 1. This has got to be one of the best Spring salmon holding pools at the lower end of the River Spey.

Friday 12 February 2010

Brae Water Beat River Spey

This is the Junction Pool on Brae Water beat 1 being expertly covered by Brae ghillie Blair Banks who is also one of the most talented young (19) Speycasters in the business.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Portnellan Farm Loch Lomond

This is Poertnellan Farm on the south bank of Loch Lomond which lies directly between Balmaha & Balloch. In 1945 Tommy Morgan landed a 47 lb pike between these little islands and the farm which stood as a British record for 2 decades. The River Leven exits loch Lomond at Balloch and all migratory salmon & sea trout navigate the south bank shoreline en route to the River Endrick mouth which enters the loch near Balmaha. There's a very narrow partially weeded channel which runs between the larger tree lined island and the farm in which all migratory fish have to swim through. Is it any wonder why Lomond's big pike see this as a superb ambush point. This is one of Scotland's big pike hotspots.

Monday 8 February 2010

River Spey Speycasting & Salmon Fishing

This is one of 14 beautiful fly pools on a 3 mile private beat of the River Spey.

Sunday 7 February 2010

River Tay Harling

Here's a kelt being played from the boat on the Dalmarnock Beat of the Tay. Spring salmon should start to appear in better numbers in the middle Tay over the next month or so.

Thursday 4 February 2010

Banchory Beat River Dee

Here's a shot of the River Dee at Banchory taken last Spring.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

The Monteith Speycaster Sunk Line Multi Tip

With the Spring fishing now underway and cold water conditions that will no doubt be with us for a while here is a brilliant new sunk line multi tip Speyline solution that casts elegantly yet has superb versatility. For more information Click here.

Tuesday 2 February 2010

River Dee

Here's the River Dee at Little Blackhall looking braw today !!!!!

Monday 1 February 2010

The Monteith Multi System Speyline

This is a lovely performing multi use Speyline. For more information on this product Click here.