Monday 15 February 2010

The Ecology Of The Highlands

Here's a great example of how mother nature can turn around a disaster scenario. Look at the sphagnum moss that is thriving in between these non native coniferous trees. Our ecosystems are so important to our wildlife and tinkering with things that have permitted wildlife to thrive since the last ice age is never a good idea, Sadly commercial forestation in Scotland has ruined the ecology of many Scottish glens with the unavoidable negative impact on all types of wildlife including migratory fish. Some forestry practices implemented 60 years ago simply would be deemed bad practice today. Our Tay Western Catchment Project which a few of us somehow managed to get off the ground 2 years ago is now ready to be officially unveiled. This project (Europe's largest ever riparian survey) has surveyed 1000 miles of River Tay headwater habitat in order to properly appraise and rectify any ecological issues that negatively impact the rivers Lyon, Lochy & Dochart. For more information on this ground breaking initiative Click here.

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