Wednesday 10 February 2010

Portnellan Farm Loch Lomond

This is Poertnellan Farm on the south bank of Loch Lomond which lies directly between Balmaha & Balloch. In 1945 Tommy Morgan landed a 47 lb pike between these little islands and the farm which stood as a British record for 2 decades. The River Leven exits loch Lomond at Balloch and all migratory salmon & sea trout navigate the south bank shoreline en route to the River Endrick mouth which enters the loch near Balmaha. There's a very narrow partially weeded channel which runs between the larger tree lined island and the farm in which all migratory fish have to swim through. Is it any wonder why Lomond's big pike see this as a superb ambush point. This is one of Scotland's big pike hotspots.

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