Wednesday 2 January 2008

Laird's Bank Newtyle Beat

Here's a video taken earlier today of the riverbank half way down Laird's Bank. The water today is quite high but you can see in the video the quality flow within 20 yards of this bank. This 250 yard long bank has superb spinning water when it's high like this. There's a deep water channel that runs along the full length of this bank which can also be fly fished in lower water conditions. The Alders Pool and the Ash Tree Pool are on the opposite bank and the width of the Tay at this bottom end of the beat is approx 120 yards. The Island at the very bottom of the Newtyle Beat channels fish up this right bank in big water and often salmon are hooked fairly close to the bank here when the river is high like today.

For more information on the Newtyle Beat Click here.

Jock Monteith


Scotty said...

A see this is just upstream from the island, is it where the wee old boat shed is hidin in the trees or further down? Conditons look perfect, are they?

Jock Monteith said...

Your close Scotty but the old shed is up river just down from the blue fishing hut. The conditions are perfect today for spinning this bank. You really need it down a foot and a half to be able to put a fly through it as you need to get into the water to do it properly here. Tight Lines & Regards, Jock.