Friday 4 January 2008

The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon

I already had the Domesday book of Mammoth Pike written by Fred Buller from 1979 and I always dreamt of getting a hold of a monster pike in those days (which I did and got broken).
When I heard his new book was coming out it went straight to no 1 on the christmas present list. The more I read it the more I'm starting to get re-enthused about getting hold of a huge salmon especially with February & March approaching on the Tay when you just know there's one or two passing through the beat from time to time.
It amazing how many entries there are from the Tay in this book and it would be great to see large numbers of these huge salmon back in the river again sometime in the future. It's really great to see a few huge fish being caught on the Ness & Teith in the last season or two so you just never know how the cycles work with these sorts of trends. My friend Stan at Dalguise had a huge springer on for way over an hour which took them by boat a mile and a half downstream and into the neighbouring beat in lowish water !!!. The fish came off just when it was starting to show signs of tiring after heavy strain on a harling rod for all this time. My pal is sure it was at least 42 - 45 lbs maybe a 50 pounder and definitely not foul hooked as they could see the pink tomic lure up at the head of the fish during the later stages of the battle.
This book is a must for all who dream of getting hold of a really big salmon.
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Jock Monteith

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