Tuesday 15 January 2008

Cottar Bay Newtyle Beat

This is a likely spot today for a fish in the big high clear spring water. There's a bay in front of the hut on the far bank and at the tail of the bay just above where the flow starts to increase again is a great lie at 5 1/2 feet of water. Off the far bank with my 18 ft B&W would allow me to reach the lie and also hang my fly out over this area. At this time of year in the cold water a nice slow presentation is the one to do the business and the longer rod on a big river like the Tay can give you the edge required as it can reduce the speed of the fly on the swing. The books all say deep and slow in the spring but personally I prefer high and slow as often springers sit high in the water column where the warmer thermals are. My late friend (Willie Laird Newtyle Gillie 1934 - 1984) proved his point on the opening day in 1970 to the new fishing party guests of the new beat owners. He was questioned by the fishers for having a floating line with a small lead just to take his tube fly off the surface while harling. By lunch time 4 springers were landed and all on Willie's fly and the deeper swimming lures had touched nothing !!!
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Jock Monteith

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