Saturday 15 December 2007

River Tay Salmon

The big fish above was one of several salmon caught on Newtyle during Mid December for broodstock purposes for the TDSFB's hatchery program. The fish measured 42 inches long and is estimated to be approx 26lbs. It fought hard for 55 minutes and was caught on the Jock's Shrimp Fly in the Cottar Pool. I eventually landed it 350 yds downstream of where it was hooked. The five in the other photo were caught the day before for the hatchery program (1 of which is an early 2008 springer !!!).

Jock Monteith

To see the tackle used to catch these salmon Click Here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very nice fish! Well done, Jock!
And some great pictures of your beautyfull beat. Wish I could wet a fly there.
Petri and tight lines,