Monday 24 December 2007

Newtyle Beat River Tay The Hole In The Meadow

Here's a photograph of 'The Hole In The Meadow' pool (click photograph to enlarge) at the bottom of the right hand bank on Newtyle. In medium to high water the majority of running salmon navigate the right hand channel of the island below which steers them into this pool. This pool favours the spinner with a slow moving black & gold devon in the cold spring water being my favourite choice of lures. Opposite the stump that you can see in the bay is a hole of about 8 ft deep. Salmon love to sneak in here having come up through the faster island stream below. In big water many salmon are hooked within 20 ft of the bank so it pays to stand well back with only the tip of your spinning rod over the river.
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Jock Monteith

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