Tuesday 25 December 2007

Newtyle Beat River Tay The Dean's Burn

This video was taken in front of the croy at the tail of the 'Dean's Burn' pool. This pool comes into a class of its own from March onwards when it starts to hold salmon. My late friend's (Willie 'the Gillie' Laird) father who was also a gillie on Newtyle before Willie maintained that the 'Deansie' was the best pool on the whole of Newtyle (or the Birnam beat as it was then known).
The 'Dean's Burn' can be fished from this left bank in low or high water and the right bank has easy wading when the water is low. The deep water runs up the left bank where it hits shallow water 150 yds above the croy in the video. Salmon swim up through the deep water and stop when they reach the shallow water at the top of the pool. There are certain times in the 'Dean's Burn' pool where you just can't miss !!! The pool in low to medium water is best fished with a fast sinking tip of around 15ft (click here for info. on my own unique sinking tip line system) from the left bank to get the fly down into the deeper water. There is enough room to get in for a single Spey cast in low to medium water heights. The riverbank on the 'Dean's Burn' pool is totally natural and undisturbed and many deer are present and will often pay a visit while your fishing. It's a very tranquil riverbank to be on and many of our guests love fishing this pool.
For more information on fishing the Newtyle beat click here.

Jock Monteith

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