Tuesday 25 December 2007

Newtyle Beat River Tay The Steps

Here's a photograph of 'The Steps' pool (click to enlarge). This pool has a beautiful gravel and sand riverbed on this left bank which is easily waded. What you have here is a shallow wadable river bed of around 100 yards which has a 10 ft deep channel running down the centre of the river. Across this deep channel lie a number of huge boulders (resembling a series of steps) which create all sorts of different lies for salmon. In low to medium water the deep channel always holds fish and in high water salmon can be caught within yards from this bank. There is a right hand bend in the river above this pool at 'The Boil' so the inside edge of 'The Steps becomes a sheltered area when the river is big. This is a great pool for the fly in low to medium water.

For more information on fishing Newtyle Click here.

Jock Monteith

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