Tuesday 25 December 2007

River Tay Newtyle Beat The Fiddlers

This is 'The Fiddlers' pool on the Newtyle beat (click to enlarge photograph). If you look at the far bank closely you'll just be able to see a grassy bank between the tree line. In the early 1900's this was a beautifully manicured grass lawn which the local fiddlers used to use for their practice sessions. It would have been superb to fish the pool then with some quality background music !!!
There's a croy at both the neck and tail of this pool. Salmon in low water seem to prefer these 2 areas which they are often hooked. The bottom croy is only yards above 'The Trap' which can sit stacked with salmon at certain times of the year. Many of these fish will nose up to the tail of 'The Fiddlers' as part of their daily exercise where they can be easily covered fishing off the bottom croy. In high water the taking strip is in the broken water between the top and bottom croys where salmon tend to snoop up through. When water is high only a very short controlled cast is necessary to cover this pool.
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Jock Monteith

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