Wednesday 26 December 2007

Newtyle Beat River Tay The Cottar Pool

Here's a video of the neck and middle section of the Newtyle beat's Cottar pool. This pool is approx 350 yds in length and produces many salmon in many areas of the pool (depending on the water height). The 6 salmon I photographed earlier in December for this blog (River Tay Salmon) were all caught in the area directly across from the camera down (left bank) to 100yds below the green roofed boathouse. This area is superb if you have 3ft of water or more on the gauge. In low water the tail and neck fish well off the far bank (left bank) but the best of all in low water is from the right bank where a rocky bank appears (below the camera) with a classic salmon fly pool flow for some 200 yds. Only a short 25 yd cast is required here in low water as the salmon love to sit just on the outside edge of the main current which runs down the side this video was shot from. I'll take videos of this pool in various water heights throughout this coming 2008 season. Today there was 2 ft of water showing on the gauge.
For more information on fishing the Newtyle Beat Click here.

Jock Monteith

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