Friday 29 May 2009

Spey Casting Dalmarnock Beat River Tay

Here's Mats Johnson from Sweden quietly learning the Spey cast this morning on the Dalmarnock Beat of the River Tay. Little did he realise what a morning it was going to be for him !!!!! Scroll down for 10 good fight footage videos & hope you enjoy viewing them. For more information on my Spey Casting tuition Click here.

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salmo said...

Well done to Mats and everyone involved. Thanks for sharing the superb footage and commentary. Learning to spey cast and catching a big springer so early on will definitely have Mats hooked for life!! Also he learned some valuable tips on how play a big fish and where to land it when it is ready.
These kind of lessons usually take years to learn so it shows the value of having a good river guide.