Wednesday 16 April 2008

11 lbs Springer (No 1) Landed on Newtyle Today

Here's Colin's lovely 11 lbs sea-licer from the Dean's Burn pool just on the stroke of lunchtime.

Jock Monteith


Russell Kay said...

Great to se that you are getting fish on the fly.They look in perfect nick and it's great to see them all being returned which can only improve the system in the years to come.Congratulations to you on the excellent blog and your ability to play a fish and film at the same time. I only hope i am as fortunate to connect with a fish or two next week! Keep up the great work.

Jock Monteith said...

Hello Russell
Many thanks or your kind comments.
Glad you like the blog & don't worry we will keep a few back for your visit next week !!!
Very Best Regards