Tuesday 2 September 2008

Newtyle Beat Fishing Hut Today

Here's our splendid HQ which could more than tell a few stories !!!!!! The gauge is at 1ft 7" today which is perfection. Rods are still available for the next few days and can be booked through Fish Tay. For more information Click here.

Jock Monteith


Anonymous said...

Do you ever catch any cannibal brown trout on your beat?
Stanley Fishings seem to regularly kill them on thier water.

Test Valley River Keeper said...


I am a river keeper on a tributary of the River Test in the south of England, I read the article in the Telegraph today about your blog.

I too have a blog at www.testvalleyriverkeeper.blogspot.com and would welcome any advice you could give.

I have fished the Tay a few times in September with my boss at Murthly with Donald, and can see the attraction of having regular photos and updates of a water that you have had some connection with either in the past or in the future.

Anonymous said...

Bob White ties a mean fly.