Saturday 2 February 2008

Rawner on the fly rod.

Here's a piece of the action from earlier today. Most of the kelts/rawners were caught during the warmest middle part of the day and as soon as the temperature dropped at around 2.30pm that was the game over. Tradition has us breaking for lunch at the best time of the day during early spring and we see more early spring (cold water) salmon caught while fishing slow & high in the water column (where the warmer thermals are) than down deep in the colder water that most books suggest. Even this rawner came to the fly that was fished approx. 1ft under the surface in a pool which is 15 ft deep.
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Jock Monteith

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David C. Heyman said...

Alright! Now that's a way to start the season. Hats off to the fishermen all the way from the States. Looking forward to fishing in a week or so! -Dave