Friday 22 February 2008

John Ferguson Boatbuilder

Here's (what I am sure will become a great friend) a new boat for the Newtyle Beat which will be finished & ready for use in early March. These boats are handcrafted by John Ferguson who is a master boatbuilder and who's workshop is located in the village of Stanley which is between Dunkeld & Perth. John builds all the boats for the Tay and many other Scottish rivers and has a quality build reputation second to none. These boats are 16 ft in length and are made primarily out of larch. This particular boat will be varnished and will look absolutely superb out on the river on our highly picturesque beat. I will of course be throwing a large quality malt over the bow as it's welcome to the Newtyle Beat !!! John Ferguson can build handcrafted boats to just about any specification and can be contacted on 01738 626696 or 07759 547324.

Jock Monteith

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