Wednesday 17 June 2009

Spey Casting Dunkeld House River Tay

Here's the Gauge Tree Pool this evening on the famous Dunkeld House beat of the River Tay. A lift in the water level occured this afternoon following a night of heavy local rainfall. In this short video lies the secret for unbelievably elegant and powerful Spey casting !! No it's not the fact there's very little alcohol induced wobble in my hands these days !!! so here's the secret: Smoothness and fluency (like this panoramic camera video) are the 'true weapons' of Speycasting (although seldom spoken or even known about by the majority of UK Speycasting instructors). To find out more about the absolute sense I speak on this very simple cast come up for a lesson on a 'no success no fee' basis ! which is another guarantee that truly separates me from the pack. Click here for more information.

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