Saturday 6 June 2009

Fernie Haugh Pool Dalmarnock Beat

Here's a still shot of the fly enticing right bank of this beautiful pool. If you click to enlarge this picture you'll see the big stones that sit out in the river 100 yards downstream. The glide from where I took this shot down to the stone is awesome fly water and a shallow angle cast and a small upstream mend gives your fly a real hovering presence as it swims out of the fast deep channel into the slightly slacker broken shallower water on the right bank. I would put my hat on it that salmon stop here before moving through the very fast neck of the pool. The 25 pounder hooker higher up in the pool last Friday seemed quite content to sit in here for 10 minutes mid fight before moving off downstream again which to my mind is another significant clue. If you look further down the pool you'll just be able to see 2 yellow gorse bushes on the right bank. Several salmon have been showing opposite these bushes just to the right hand side of the main mid stream flow which I suspect is another good salmon lie in this beautiful pool. So far I've spotted 3 good areas in 'Fernie Haugh' that reek of holding salmon and we already know the lie way way up in the neck where the big fish was hooked by Mats Johnson from Sweden last week.

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