Saturday 16 January 2010

River Tay Opening Day

With many hundreds of tradition orientated salmon anglers hammering the River Tay last Friday on it's official opening day of 15 January (3 Spring salmon landed for the whole of the river !!) I think it is sad that hundreds of easily caught kelts & baggots are terminally exhausted and injured in pursuit of the early Tay springers that simply are not there in January nor have been for decades now. The true Spring run of any significance does not appear until March, April & May on the Tay. Maybe the new incoming Tay District Salmon Fishery Board chairman will have the desire and ability to do the correct thing and move the opening day back to late February or March which will also allow these unseasonal salmon a better chance of survival and safe passage back to the sea. I can only hope that changes will eventually happen for the long term benefit of the River Tay's valued and economically dependent salmon stocks.

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