Monday 13 July 2009

Luxury Fishing Accommodation Dunkeld

Look at this for stunning 5 star accommodation on the banks of the Tay at the Dunkeld House Hilton. Thinking outside the box here for a minute this must be an easy way for the whole family to become a semi-part of your early Spring fishing plans ? How difficult would this be to sell to your spouse with Dunkeld on your doorstep, luxury spa, health club and many other leisure pursuits for the whole family. These beautiful properties are part of the new Osprey Lodges development where Spring weeks have just been offered for tenancy which are very inexpensive and coincide with the absolute peak times for Spring salmon on the Rivers Tay, Dee & Teith all of which are in easy striking distance from this location. My guidance and contacts can also assist in making sure your weeks fishing itinery is one of quality venues, sound straight forward fishing advice & riverbank guidance if necessary. For more information on prices & availability on these properties contact Margaret or Paul on 01350 727243. Or simply a team of your fishing buddies seeing the sense in some minimal outlay could be another alternative to securing a Spring week and having this luxury accommodation as HQ.

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