Wednesday 21 July 2010

The Monteith Salmon Gye Landing Net With Weigh Scale

I'm currently designing a gye style salmon landing net which has an extremely fish friendly bag and mesh. It is designed to leave the fish on its side on the flat bottom of the net and with its head tucked into one of the triangular pockets. For many years I've witnessed salmon being damaged by big meshed nets which can easilty tear fins making a mockery out of catch & release. I've also incorporated a weigh scale in the handle that weighs up to 42 lbs which is an optimum weight for UK salmon these days. This net will appear very shortly and will surpass any landing net design to date. It will also be of quality British build and carry a life time warranty on the frame/handle. With accurate weighing and 'catch & release' being high on the agenda these days this will be one product that the serious salmon angler will shortly consider to be a 'must have'.

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