Sunday 27 July 2008

Tail Of The Cottar Looking Downstream

Here's the wee croy just below our hut at the tail of the Cottar looking downstream to the Boil and beyond (click to enlarge). If you look closer you can see the water displacement that comes off the boulders that sit out in the middle of the river opposite this croy. This lie is a great low water summer hot spot as salmon that run up from the 'Boil' below love to stop here. Several fish were seen in this area yesterday. To the right of this picture you can see Willie 'the ghillie' Laird's wishing well in the garden. The dark water way down in the distance is the 'Steps' pool and the surface disturbance from the huge stones that sit all across this pool are clearly visible.

Jock Monteith


Anonymous said...

Its just waiting for my fly to pass thru the pool!!

See you shortly Jock


Jock Monteith said...

I look forward to your return on Tuesday !!!!